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> Keyless entry for home, pros & cons

Keyless door locks, first used in commercial buildings and luxury automobiles, are now popular nowadays among homeowners, too. There are many benefits to having a...Read more.

> Locks for sliding glass doors

Most homes, condos and apartments here in Federal Way, WA have one or more sliding glass doors. These doors offer ease of access as they simply slide...Read more.

> Transponder keys, problems

The team at Federal Way Washington Locksmith has been happy to provide details in relation to transponder keys and issues which might come up. No matter where you are, if you happen to use transponder key technology...Read more.

> When to replace locks

Sometimes, you will have trouble with locks and keys. Even if there’s a locksmith somewhere who will be available in the middle of the night, it’s still better to be pro-active instead, so that...Read more.

> What to do in different lockout situations

It’s a fact; you can get locked out anywhere or anytime. All you need is a moment of inattention and a lock! Lockouts happen at home, at your car or even at your workplace, or business...Read more.

> Benefits of home safe

When you own a home, you have a lot to keep protected. Having locks on the front doors is mandatory, but that doesn’t mean it is enough. You might be the type of person who really values finer...Read more.

> Importance of having gun safe

If you own guns; having a gun safe IS important. Why? Because protecting yourself and your loved ones is vital. And a big part of that protection comes from proper use and storage...Read more.

> Access control

Access controlled locks enable you to enable access to a specific person or group of people. You’re able to give authority to whomever you choose to. It is a great way of keeping up with...Read more.

> Locksmith to Replace Car Keys

If you are constantly losing or misplacing your car keys, the practical thing to do would be to have a replacement key made. While this is undoubtedly the most practical...Read more.

> Get the best locks

Don’t be in a rush to buy your locks. When you rush, you often end up with something that you do not want or that is no good. Take your time to make sure you...Read more.

> Improve home security

When it comes to guarding the safety and security of your home, the truth is, if you don’t decide to be pro-active, your property will become more...Read more.